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So very wonderful you're here!

Here's the sequence of how I will share, guide, and keep you company energetically (separations in space & time dissolve in the subtle realm of energy):

This course consists of 12 modules, 5 lessons each, sent (“dripped” to you) in 60 consecutive days, 8-12 min video, and about a page of text.



The range of instruction covers 6 Module-topics, in 2 cycles.

Cycle 1:

1 Basic Practice

2 Subtle Energy Literacy (basic psychic reading of energy)

3 Opening Bodily Suppleness through 12 energetic centers

4 Blessing Your Way to Heal Your Inner Family of Younger You’s, from infancy

5 Streaming Sublime Energy for Self and World Healing

6 Seeing, Hearing, Feeling Live Exchanges with Advanced Coaches

Cycle 2:

Deepen your practice and understanding aided by a new intro and added text with each of the first 30 lessons.

The challenge in this cycle is to view these lessons imagining YOU are teaching them.



Here’s your FB group for this course, to share, ask q’s, and to keep the focus on learning and practicing Harmonizing, reading energy, becoming more supple, and able to heal, awaken, and share new gifts as never before.

Harmonize All of You with All | Facebook


 If any seriously pressing issues or questions arise contact us at


For full emergencies: Artie at +1 917 873 3854 on WhatsApp



May this be an invaluable turning point for you.

Loving blessings, 



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